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Little Cry-Heart (50-Word Story Challenge)

“So let’s have a story, hun.”

“How about why do they call you Cry-Heart?”

“I heard it’s because she’s a widow.”

She smiled softly, “Runners called me that before he died. And I’m no widow. But if any man was going to claim this lady, it would have been him.”




Haiku Challenge


  • He walks without Light.

         Aphotic Atrocity.

        Born in His shadow.

  • Indigo solace,

         waits for you in reverence,

         wiping all your tears.

  • Writhe and drink the wine.

         Come and dance with me, you’re mine.

         Realize your lies.

  • Kisses and leather,

         make a dull girl much better.

         Pretty lil’ vixen.

  • Smell salt in the air…

        Feel sand underneath your feet…

        Sunlight warms your face.