Monthly Archives: October 2015

The Cloudy Kitten

There once was a kitten who wore spots of clouds. This kitten died countless deaths, and always returned to live again. Through these incarnations, it came to be owned by various people who it did not really care for. The kitten was not afraid to die. Though, the price to pay to return each time was great. The kitten who wore spots of clouds was broken.

One day, the kitten became a stray. This meant it was free. Free to do as it pleased and only interact with people it chose to. In its journeys as a stray, it came upon a human child from a previous life. She had become broken as well. The kitten chose to stay with her, not of pity, but because of empathy and kinship.

They spent their days together happily. A time of smiles and hopeful outlooks on the future. When days were less sunny, they struggled to compensate for the hurt of the other, and remained patient when they did not know how to best help.

Well, years passed, and the human child grew weary. She tired of taking care of the kitten who wore spots of clouds. The burden of feeding the kitten with her broken body was great. How she wished the kitten would hunt for itself. How she wished it would choose to overcome how broken it was and be like the other cats.

“Kitten of clouds, my hurt it too much now. You must leave me and fend for yourself.”

“Human child, I did not come to you to be fed. If you needed me to hunt, I only needed your encouragement, and patience for I am broken as well.”

“Then why are you here, kitten of clouds?”

“Human child, whose wounds hurt so, who has waited so long to speak that we feel as if our hurt is greater for I having come to you, I came simply for one purpose. I came because no matter how great the pains of this world, I would stay by you. No matter what came to pass, how overwhelming the burden, how great the strain of our brokenness, I would not give up on you. I would be the singular thing in your life that would not hate you, even if you hated yourself. I will not, can not give up on you, for that is the purpose I have given this life. Though, I can not force you to not give up on me.”

The kitten who wore spots of clouds looked back on its countless lives and deaths, and cried a countless number of times. Perhaps this time, the kitten would not to come back.