Monthly Archives: April 2014

League of Legends Stream

I was fortunate enough to be able to play in TheRealEvelynn’s League of Legends stream.

I played as the enemy Teemo with the username Aphotic Atrocity

If you like silly commentary or League of Legends, definitely check her channel out.


Little Cry-Heart (50-Word Story Challenge)

“So let’s have a story, hun.”

“How about why do they call you Cry-Heart?”

“I heard it’s because she’s a widow.”

She smiled softly, “Runners called me that before he died. And I’m no widow. But if any man was going to claim this lady, it would have been him.”


Life has taken me away from writing for a bit, but I want to rectify that. Now that a move has gone well, and the girlfriend and I are settled in properly, I want to be much more active.

If you like anything I wrote, consider clicking this link.

It’s only a quarter a month, but if a thousand people decided they like something I wrote enough to give me a quarter…that’s several bills I don’t have to worry about. More importantly, a lot more time I can spend writing more for you.