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The Dream I Just Woke From

It was intense and vivid. I seldom remember dreams, but this stuck with me, and I enjoyed the idea of it so much that I just had to write about it. For now, I am looking to record it, but I intend on actually making a story out of it.

I was back in the house I grew up in. Back in Virginia Beach. My entire family and their families were packed into this 1.5 story house. The living conditions were tense, and there was a lot of flexing between the men over decisions, because our existance was precarious.

The sky was dark most of the time. It was another hurricane. For some reason, hurricanes were permanent and everywhere. Imagine the globe covered with them, and they never dissipated. Nor did they move much. It was like hundreds of spinning tops that may bump into each other, may sway back and forth, but never left their vicinity nor ran out of steam. In some areas, the hurricanes were so bad that it left former countries uninhabitable, but in Hampton Roads, we could fight to survive.

What was dangerous, was not really the storms though. It was when the eye of the storm passed over you, that you were terrified. Because in that sudden calm, beings would come out and hunt. Some of them could be recognized as animals, but they had changed.

In the dream, during the first pass of the eye, I killed something in the large backyard we had. Something between a tiger and a wolf, I can not really give it any justice now as the dream is starting to be fleeting. I ended up rigging the creature’s top jaw as a weapon. The weapon worked as a ratching claw that was huge and took both hands to work. It was large enough to block with as a shield, but I could ratchet it forward and strike with a pair of fangs that were larger than a pair of bowie knifes. It almost mimicked a snake’s lunge.

For some reason, my using the weapon was some kind of issue between my father and I. It was a point of really intense arguement, though, so few words were actually said. My father’s wife, my stepmother, eased things and was intent on letting me keep it, as was who I believe was my girlfriend in retrospect. I did not get a good look of people in my dream, I just got a sense of who I was interacting with. Not everything was vivid, some of it was misty.

A second pass of the the eye happened. This time I was upstairs, looking through a large window, out across my backyard, the field behind it and the major parkway that was laid behind that. There was a small military convoy that was using the break in the wind to travel somewhere. There were a pair of vehicles that crossed first, they looked like a cross between a tank and a hum-v, but were not much bigger than a SUV. Following the vehicles were about half-a-dozen military men on foot.

Stalking behind the men, were two leopards. These cats were not normal leopards. The were enormous, hulking, prehistoric-looking monsters. Their front limbs were grotesquely muscular and met at a hunched portion of back. Their heads and teeth were much larger. They were more like a twisted vision of what sabre-toothed tigers were.

These leopards struck before anyone noticed them. Two of the six were down and being munched on before the gun fire began. As the sprayed down one leopard, the other double-backed around and took down a third man. As the three men left turned on the second leopard, one of the vehicles must have fired from out of view. The explosion took out the remaining men along with the leopard. They must have feared it that much to not even want to take a chance.

I stirred from sleep briefly, but I dreamed up one more scene. I left the house into the backyard again, armed. There was an animal crossing from our backyard into the neighbors. For some reason, I needed to kill and scavenge. It was not explained, but it just felt like something I had to do. I do not believe it was food, I had more making weapons out of claws and teeth in mind.

The hunt got interrupted by a new creature, and I knew it was there, but could not see it. I noticed my stepmother and girlfriend had come outside, and they were stuck in the same predicament I had found myself in. There was some kind of rule of mechanic in play with dealing with this unseen entity. Like I had to move a certain way in order to get by it.

That is as much as I can remember. I think the dream stopped there. The world this random dream conjured up was really intense and interesting. I think I might just have to do something with it.


Setting Fire to Heaven

Let’s set fire to heaven.

No polite knocking on pearly gates.

Peter’s drawing the ace of spades tonight.

You won’t keep me out of paradise.

Bring down all their pedestals,

Don’t give them anything to climb.

Don’t give them a chance to look down on you.

We don’t have to stay here.

Everything is dark here.

Want to find out what it’s like,

To feel that glorious light?

I bet you’d really like to know.

We’ve been suffering down here for so long,

That we forgot that we had hearts.

We used to smile.

Everything was once beautiful and innocent.

Let’s set fire to heaven.

Let’s make it ours.

Let’s make it shine ablaze like they never could.

And once it’s gone,

It’s gone forever.

They don’t get to hold it over our heads,

never again.

Then they get to share the dark,

With their forgotten brothers and sisters.

Let’s set fire to heaven.

Come, take my hand, beautiful.

Let’s dance on the ashes of angel wings.

Let’s make love on His throne,

and roll around on all those fluffy, white clouds.

They’ve kept me locked out for too long.

I’m going to set fire to your heaven,

and hang you by your halos.

Today is the last day,

until night is eternal.

Let’s show them they can’t control us.

Dance in their light,

until we stain their alabaster floors,

with the blood of our soles,

with the blood of our souls.

We came here to live life.

If you’ve never been alive before,

tonight is the night.

There’s a riot in heaven,

and no one will stop us.

We won’t let them again.

It’s been too long,

since we felt this kind of warmth.

Let’s right every wrong,

and wrong every right.

Let’s set fire to heaven,

and really be free for the first time.

It will be our first sunrise,

and their last sunset.

When we’re setting fire to heaven,

don’t forget to show mercy,

to those who couldn’t be here.

Some of us can’t set fire to heaven.

Some of us are locked away,

in an even darker Hell.

Steal the clean water,

from their pristine fountains.

Quench the thirst,

of those parched sinners.

When you set fire to heaven,

make it burn bright.

Let it shine in the darkest corner.

Let there not be one shadow,

on this, the most glorious of nights.

Remember what it’s like to smile.

Remember what it’s like to feel good.

Remember the night we set fire to heaven.






Drabble #1

Little King


   I am a King. A King in my family’s name, who reigns over my family’s land. My castle lies in a peaceful sea of hope and dreams. My castle is serene, majestic, and great. Greater still is the feathered serpent who guards it. A shimmering dragon stitched together with the tender love that only a mother knows. The shore is far, but love is known. Only one tower of my castle is lit, but good company is known as well. My foundation is powerful; every stone is a memory. Even the stones I regret, helped in the end.Image