Scary Lullaby to Lull You By

I came by something fun and decided to dust it off. Here is a creepy poetry reading I recorded many years ago. Be sure to sit alone, in the dark, while you read along to the audio file.


You’re going to receive a special treat.

A feast for the senses, just for you.

It’s why I’m named the way I am.

A dirty little secret that I’ll share with only you.

I am He Who Walks Without Light.

I am The Aphotic Atrocity.

To explain why, we’ll play a game.

A very old game.

First we have to cast a spell.

Nothing too difficult, just say these words,

Ditatchi vera emusriam.

You said it in your head, now say it old loud,

So everyone can hear you.

Now turn off the lights,

And sit in the dark.

You can light a candle if you’re too scared.

Now say it again, out loud,

So everyone can hear you.

Even the people you can’t see,

Standing right beside you.

Too creepy?

Well, that’s just too bad,

‘Cause there’s no turning back.

We’re with you now.

You’re becoming a bit ill at ease.

The air has a different chill to it now.

Doesn’t it?

We’re breathing on you.

We can’t wait to taste you.

Ditatchi vera emusriam.

You read it again, didn’t you?

I guess you really do want to play.

We can almost touch you now.

You can almost feel those long, cold, black tongues on your skin.

It’s like an oil on your skin that you can’t get off, isn’t it?

Is the room getting smaller?

Or are you just getting nervous?

Do you feel sick yet?

Do you know you’re not alone in that dark room?

Maybe you think this is just a joke?

Sure, he’s just manipulating me to feel a certain way.

Ditatchi vera emusriam.

Or maybe your body is trying to tell you something.

It’s screaming at you, can’t you hear it?

Get away.

Run away.

It’s coming.

It’s here.

It’s going to hurt you.


Dear me, you’re shaking now.

Have I said too much?

Are you bent on just walking away?

Closing the window will make you feel better, right?

You don’t get to escape.

I’ll always be with you now.

Every time it’s dark,

I’ll be the hand hovering over your head.

I’ll be the eyes in front of you while you sleep.

I’ll be the teeth nipping at your heels.


Because I can.

They taught you how you’re supposed to be good.

They told you how to shun evil.

But no one told you what to do,

When it’s standing right behind you.

But I’ll tell you,

How to feel a bit relieved.

All you have to do is say out loud,

You scare me.

And I’ll take my hands off of your shoulders and walk away.

But I’ll be watching you, sweetie.

And don’t you dare forget,

The name that belongs to those eyes.

I am He Who Walks Without Light.

I am The Aphotic Atrocity.

Ditatchi vera emusriam.

Good night.


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